Certified Human Resource Manager(CHRM™)


From the Canadian Certification Institute, Canada The .Certified Human Resource Manager(CHRM)™ Course addresses issues facing seasoned human resource (HR) professionals and managers who want to add value and innovation to the functions of HR within their organization. This advanced course is focused on managerial aspects of HR such as Strategically aligned HR, Developing HR Policies and Procedures, Job Analysis and Job Descriptions, Manpower Planning, Budgeting in HR, ROI on Training, Effective Performance Appraisals, HR Audit and Establishing Effective Pay Plans. CHRM™ tag will help you take on greater challenges in Human Resource Management function. In today’s world most of the people working in HR or Administration requires superior knowledge and qualification which can help them implement the policies and procedures aligned to the organizational objectives. The CHRM™ course precisely helps the participants to achieve that objective – get a professional qualification and get hands on, practical training for implementation.

Note: Email us for course outline, fees and admission process registrar@iihrm.ca

Course outline for Certified Human Resource Manager:

1. Workforce planning and talent management
2. Recruitment and selection
3. Employee engagement, induction, turnover, and retention
4. Performance management and managing rewards
5. Leading and development
6. HR Analytics
7. HR information system
8. HR Audit
9. Compliance Management
10. Country labour law
11. Contact agreement
12. Finance for non finance manager
13. Corporate communication
14. Strategic Supply Chain Management
15. Learning and Development
16. Crisis Management
17. Change Management
18. Successions planning
19. Payroll and Reward Management
20. HR Accounting
21. CTC calculation